Making real life TV content with ambitious and aspiring direction.


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All documentaries have a unique persona and requires a different approach, its vital that the filming joins up with the writing with some structure and there will be times when freedom is required to simply ‘go with the flow’ and we get that. Our hands-on hands-off approach brings all the planning along into filming.


Becoming overwhelmed with storylines and ideas while you are shooting can take over the whole basis of the narrative, we prefer to direct by allowing the subject to have the space and confidence to breathe, this maintains the original and authentic character of the story and then we push the theme delicately.


Embracing file delivery production by implementing The DPP code of technical standards with QC, PSE testing and AS-11 file is the cornerstone of how we plan, shoot and produce. The vital eyeball test is how we make sure that the documentary is as good in its final form as it was at treatment and pitch stage.

Bringing what is out there to TV and weaving some personality through the narrative.

Making factual television that engages, surprises and informs you about possibilities with warm people.


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We bring interesting stories and people together to create and create Television and Commercial film content. Being based on Edge Lane Liverpool places right in the centre of the new Hollywood of England and we bubble with excitement every day.

With a history and pedigree in blue chip photography and filming for commercial clients and national magazines we work with amazing ideas and people to bring a simple idea to life in broadcast quality films.

Kendo Prime Media can offer small and compact teams of two or full-scale production teams for capture and production to The DPP production standards for UK broadcast playout or online content for YouTube and Vimeo.

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